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Modernization Strategies for Insurers

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Modernization is key to cloud transformation.

Cognizant’s experts partner with insurers to envision and build the digital insurer of the future. 

  • Accelerate cloud transformation

    “Win the digital arms race” by successfully moving into the new world of data, machines, hyper-personalization and consortia building. Achieve greater agility, security, and scale.

  • Modernize policyholder applications

    Reduce processing times, anticipate customer needs and create personalized experiences in near real-time. Modernizing your policyholder applications will fuel innovation and cut costs.

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Modernize data foundations – current, accurate and relevant data – for deeper business insights and the ability to target the right customers through the right channels with the right offerings in the right sequence. Insurers make the best decisions based on data that matters most.

Meet our experts

In this recently recorded webcast, Craig and Chad shared real-life cases of how leading insurers transformed their business by migrating legacy systems, data, and workflows to modern cloud platforms. Listen now!

  • Craig Weber
    Craig Weber

    Insurance Practice Leader, Life and Retirement, Cognizant

    Craig leads Cognizant’s life and retirement insurance practice. He helps Life, Annuity, and Retirement & Group insurers address their critical business problems related to digital transformation and core modernization. Craig is a creative consultant and thought leader who thrives building high-performance strategies, cohesive teams, and optimal customer experiences.

  • Chad Hersh
    Chad Hersh

    Global Life Insurance Industry Lead, Amazon Web Services

    Chad leads AWS’ business and market development for Life Insurance, Pensions, and Group Benefits Carriers globally. He has been widely quoted in Dow Jones, the Associated Press and ABC, and frequently authors articles for insurance trade publications. Chad is a frequent presenter at industry events sponsored by ACORD, LOMA, IASA.


Reduction in cost

Modernizing core applications can help reduce the cost of legacy applications by 30% and speed up application release cycles by 15%.

Learn how Cognizant helps insurers reimagine their business with modern, agile applications that scale.

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Cognizant can help you transform your digital business end-to-end.