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To affect meaningful change, you must evaluate your need at the enterprise level … because installing new software, sensors, or discrete systems, will never drive the results most utilities desire.

Grid and asset modernization is the foundation to build lasting reductions in O&M costs, increased safety, and effective capital spending.

Grid modernization solutions

Our unique methodology accounts for capital assets as well as other neglected assets such as people, processes, data, quality practices and system performance at the point of use.

Drive digital efficiencies across the workforce. Improve processes. Enable reliable data across the enterprise. We see a future full of opportunities for utilities.

  • Grid and generation modernization

    We have extensive experience helping clients enhance grid responsiveness and resilience, as well as lowering operating costs with advanced automation technologies.

  • Optimized user experiences

    Our design, data and platform expertise allow you to quickly and effectively modernize user engagement, improving both employee and customer experiences and satisfaction rates.

  • Successful cloud migration

    Starting small, we are experts at putting cloud at the center of your digital strategy so you can get more from your data and achieve agility and resilience at scale.

  • Infrastructure and application management support

    We support and assess your entire IT landscape, including infrastructure and applications, identifying ways of reducing operations and maintenance costs to transform processes and achieve greater efficiency.

Grid modernization capabilities

AMI programs are not digital replacements for meter readers. Instead, they should be used to enable smart city initiatives.

Cognizant helps utilities improve turnaround time, automate processes and technology and glean actionable insights from their data. 

Investments in DERMS are considerably behind the business need and market expectations.

The old 80/20 rule no longer meets the needs of today’s utility. Our straightforward methodology to assess, analyze, create/refine and provide an actionable plan works.

Optimizing your EAM system starts with understanding where you are today, what is possible with your existing system in the short term and defining a long-term strategy for the future.

Cognizant connects your existing legacy systems and enhances functionality.

Asset modernization is more than adding sensors to a grid. It is how your asset data is collected, cleaned, contextualized, connected and controlled.

Our methodology works every time because we focus on the core variables of a successful engagement and your vision.

Grid modernization customer spotlight

The challenge

Supplying electricity and natural gas to both commercial and industrial customers in 15 states, our client was struggling to deliver optimal or segmented pricing due to framework inflexibility.

The utility wanted to streamline its application and system portfolio as well as rebuild the pricing system to enhance accuracy, flexibility and customer experience.

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Cognizant’s solution

We built a new content management service to fix invalid pricing issues and push relevant offers to customers as we enhanced processes and operational efficiency with a consolidation program. And, we delivered leveraging an agile methodology to deploy incremental functionality.

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The results

The utility experienced a 50% reduction in applications across the retail utility value chain and a $1.5M savings in overall project costs. Plus, they’re expecting a 1.4M reduction in customer churn per year and up to 23M in potential annual operational savings.

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Industry experience matters

Trusted by 7 of the top 10 utilities in North America. Recognized by leading analysts and technology companies.
The urgent path toward grid modernization

Utilities are in a generation-defining transformation which, when coupled with economic uncertainty, will force significant industry changes.

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How to build smart grids for the renewable energy transition

Grid modernization is essential for increased electrification and renewable energy use—but it also poses many challenges. Here’s how to overcome them.

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Unlock value using Generative AI in the Utilities Industry

Distributed energy resources complicate grid management: generative AI offers solutions. It enhances operations and transforms the energy sector, enhancing customer experience.

two engineers in wind power plant

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Modern Life. Powered by You. Connected by Cognizant