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What exactly are top performing finance organizations doing to drive enterprise growth and value?

In a recent survey, independent analyst firm HFS Research asked 400 global finance leaders about their best kept secrets for driving organizational value. What they learnt may surprise you. 

90% of finance executives want to drive enterprise growth… but fewer than 12% are actually achieving it.  

Survey results show these differences in success are due to cultural inertia, limited access to quality data and an emerging skills gap.

In our free downloadable report, we share the habits and traits that separate the superheroes from the sidekicks. Download it now to learn how top performing finance organizations are winning by:

  • Taking an ecosystem approach to transform finance
  • Spending more time on strategy
  • Eliminating repetitive tasks
  • Embracing automation holistically
  • Freeing up employees to focus on growth-driving activities
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What sets finance superheroes apart

90% of surveyed finance executives want to drive value and enterprise growth—yet fewer than 12% are achieving it.

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Becoming a finance superhero

What CFOs can do to embrace a new, more agile and integrated approach to the finance function

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