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On-demand webinar

45 minutes

Build a better streaming business

At Cognizant, our team takes the time to understand your DTC business objectives and translate them into a scalable modern infrastructure that fits your organization’s goals. Streamline rights management. Create ultimate viewer experiences. Generate optimal value for advertisers.


The race is on in streaming services. Are you ready?

Find out how Cognizant can help your organization boost customer experience and retention–and emerge a stronger player.

Across total streaming, the average subscriber has 4.2 streaming subscriptions, up from 3.8 in Q2 2021…. Platforms who keep their viewers engaged with leading content will determine who wins in this high stacking market.

Entertainment on Demand

Tap into our innovative thinking to differentiate your streaming services

High-quality video takes a news brand’s apps to the top

By partnering with our team, a storied news division boosts its apps’ video quality—and sees viewership and ratings soar.

24/7 piracy protection delivers big benefits

With round-the-clock monitoring for illegal content consumption, an entertainment company sends takedown notices to host sites within five minutes of detection.

Supply chain innovation fuels DTC success

By modernizing its media supply chain, a premium cable company repositioned its business for the direct-to-consumer sector—and quickly rose to the top.

Here’s how to finally make customer 360 real

Achieving a unified view of customers has proved elusive for many companies. We offer real-world steps to move closer to Customer 360 goals.

Why convergence is the next big thing for media companies

Consumers expect interactive experiences that blend content, community and commerce. Here’s what it takes to deliver an all-inclusive CX.

What no one in streaming services is talking about – but should

We highlight the four topics for streaming providers to keep top of mind.

Ready to get started?

Let Cognizant show how analytics and AI can advance your company’s DTC strategy.