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The Cognizant Insurance Summit is a collaborative and high-energy insurance executive learning experience.

Our theme is Creating Exponential Advantage, in recognition of the emerging technologies and practices that are reshaping our industry. 

Join your executive peers and Cognizant leadership to exchange ideas and explore topics like responsible AI, amplifying human potential, cloud and data transformation, and emerging ecosystem plays. 

In the Cognizant tradition, Insurance Summit will combine visionary thinking with practical ideas on the operating models, tools, and approaches that will help you create Exponential Advantage and position your firm as a market leader for years to come.

Purposeful networking

Interact with your peers, market leaders, industry advisors, and partners to learn how they are responding to industry opportunities.

Practical, interactive content

You’ll hear from nationally-recognized speakers, Cognizant leadership, industry thought leaders, and industry advisors who bring the latest insurance-specific thinking.

Real-world case studies

Leveraging the breadth and depth of Cognizant’s experience in insurance, you’ll gain insights into actual case studies where insurers are generating Exponential Advantage.

Insights from Sarat Varanasi


The insurance industry faces a significant client value challenge. Insurers’ ability to deliver the right business models, products, prices, and experiences is under severe pressure.

Traditionally, new thinking and technologies have trickled into use over years or even decades. But with risks evolving ever more rapidly and client satisfaction at all-time lows, reconfiguration of existing operating models is needed. One that delivers more value, more quickly. And enhances strategic flexibility.

Fortunately, technology advances—anchored by GenAI, modernized data curation techniques, and cloud computing—are creating new possibilities. Cognizant believes that insurers are finally in a position to bend the value curve in dramatic fashion. Insurers that seize the opportunity will create Exponential Advantage. They will accelerate value creation and create durable, strategic relationships with their clients. Satisfaction, retention, and profitability will skyrocket.

At Cognizant, we are excited to help you design and execute your own journey toward Exponential Advantage. I hope you’ll be able to join us at the Summit!

Sarat Varanasi
Business Unit Leader, Americas

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