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How To Engage and Win



What can your company learn from F1?

Watch our race day preparation session to learn how automotive companies can apply lessons from the F1 track within their organization.

Thought Leadership

A shock to the system: automakers race toward an all-electric future

As the industry makes an aggressive push toward CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electric), OEMs face myriad challenges.

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Cracking the code to software-defined vehicles

As software redefines the automotive landscape, OEMs must find balance.

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Power shift: Automakers must embrace after-sale CX

The future of automotive CX will center on ownership more than purchase. Automakers must prepare for the shift now.

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Engineering AMF1 to act on intuition

Find out how Aston Martin and Cognizant are working together to enable better, faster decisions in a sport where every millisecond matters.

Put intuition to work with Cognizant and F1

Infuse insights from the most competitive track in racing into your automotive practice.