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See Amazon Just Walk Out and Cognizant's Solution in Action

Just improve efficiency and speed to market.
Just rely on better data.
Just create an effortless experience.
Just reduce shrinkage.

Amazon Just Walk Out is just a game changer for retailers and busy shoppers. 

Cognizant being one of the first to market for the mobile app is just the cherry on top of the experience.

Just register now to see this proven, scalable, secure, flexible, innovative, and smart solution in action. It’s the easiest, fastest way to create operational efficiency and an effortless buying experience in just about 3 months.

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Just Off the Presses

eBook: Beyond the Coupon

In our latest eBook, learn how to win in the new loyalty landscape.

The new rules of loyalty are being written and your customers are holding the pen.

Retailers tangle with a new set of complexities to become future-fit

For retail, the future is far from certain. And in a cutthroat market, there is little room for failure, and even less for those who hesitate. Recent Economist Impact research supported by Cognizant suggests a tough road ahead for retailers, albeit a road peppered with opportunity, beginning with their technological investments.

A sustainable future powered by intuitive technology

81% of customers believe strongly that companies should help improve the environment. With the right technology, businesses can anticipate change, act with confidence and mitigate risk. When you embed sustainability into strategy and operations—you can sense what’s coming next and capture new opportunities as they emerge.

Retailer improves decision making with cloud analytics

We helped a global convenience store retailer modernize its analytical systems by moving its data to a native cloud-based architecture, lowering costs. We leveraged AI capability to accelerate the decision-making processes, improve store sales and optimize customer footprints.

With more customer touchpoints than any other industry, retailers must create a digital foundation that enables speed and growth through an integrated ecosystem built on intelligent data and deeper insights. Be smart with your data. Don’t be a #retailfail.

Ready to Just Walk Out?

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