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  November 15, 2022

 3:30pm CET


Unlock the real value of AI for Human Resources

Come and join our speakers to discover how a monitored AI implementation with regulatory compliance can trigger an interactive and engaging employee experience, and help HR organizations to improve their processes, policies and strategies.

In this webinar, you’ll heard about:

·   Employee centric data & AI as a lever of HR continuous improvement

·   AI implementation prerequisites, rules, challenges & opportunities

For Human Resources, AI helps with:

  • Employee experience

    Enhance employee’s experience by developing self-service and automation
  • Intelligent decisioning

    Empower better decision-making with new valuable insights and predictions

  • Data-driven

    Acclimate their organization to become data-friendly and data-driven


AI’s full adoption by the business is still lagging with only 39% of professionals who see its added value

Our speakers

  • Speaker Name
    Dijana Aleksic

    People Data Domain Leader at Inter IKEA Group & Researcher in employee facing AI

    Dijana Aleksic is working as a People Data Domain Leader for Inter IKEA Group, located in Delft, The Netherlands. Prior to this role, she has held HR transformation positions of Product Owner for Workday and Business Navigator for People & Culture. She has moved towards People & Culture roles from the business-oriented leadership positions, with a big interest in the topic of employee experience. In addition to her work, Dijana is also conducting research in the topic of “Employing AI for sustained employee motivation” as part of her part-time PhD studies in Rotterdam School of Management. Dijana holds MBA from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland and has studied in the US and Japan.

  • Jillian Powers

    Executive Director of Responsible AI at JP Morgan Chase, PhD in sociology, people scientist and ethnographer

    Jillian Powers is currently working as Executive Director of Responsible AI at JP Morgan Chase in New York, US. Prior to this role, she has been working as a Responsible AI leader to promote a human-centered socio-technical approach to AI. In addition to her expertise in AI, she is also an ethnographer, UX researcher, innovation/design strategist, people scientist, rabble rouser, and educator. Jillian holds a PhD in sociology from Duke University and BA in Dartmouth College.

Join the conversation

Learn about the key factors for a secured and successful AI implementation.