Customer-centricity is not about the car – it is about the ecosystem the driver is in.

Users want their car to be an experience that integrates seamlessly with their digital lifestyle. This brings a new dimension to the relationship between automotive makers and consumers. Are you keeping up with consumers' needs?

  • Adapting to the digital-first driver

    With a new breed of customers emerging, a new dimension of the relationship between automotive makers and customers is on the rise. Recognizing and understanding the importance and benefits of  the software and data layer is playing a vital role in the industry's future.

  • The digitally-integrated customer journey

    We define five stages of the customer journey from exploration and presale until end of life. Each of these stages can be improved by data to help create a more joined-up and informed experience which benefits both automotive makers and customers.

  • Capturing the customer relationship

    To adapt and capitalize on the new era in customer engagement, we suggest six steps. Goal of all these changes must be moving the focus from products to customers and become a service provider rather than a commodity seller.

  • Arriving at customer-centricity

    We see the transition as an opportunity to express a bold vision and apply unlimited creativity. We see the challenges that carmakers face on their way to customer centricity as an opportunity to set them apart from competitors globally.

We’ve seen a transition from car-centric to customer-centric. Being customer-centric needs to have a proper data structure around it and use a collection of touchpoints to gain user insight.

Aurelio D’Inverno
AI Transformation Lead, Cognizant

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