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Leveraging Cognizant’s innovative proprietary Content Marketing software tool to automate Ads production for clients

Cognizant CMS team | Category – Marketing & Content Management

About us

We are the Content & Marketing Services Team from Cognizant. With a globally networked team, we provide Digital Marketing Services at scale for our customers across industries and geographies. We are with our clients at every step from ideation to execution & even beyond. With a data-driven and personalized approach focused on scalability, cost optimization and speed to market, we bring out a unique set of solutions for our clients.

  • In the fast-paced digital marketing space, we strive to consistently build innovative & future-centric solutions that provide the best business value for our clients.
  • With this view, over the years we have built various innovative solutions that help our clients automate and streamline varied marketing efforts.
  • We present to you one such case, wherein we identified the larger challenge faced by our clients and built a cutting-edge solution to bridge the gap.

The Challenges

Digital Advertising requires frequent creation of ad creatives in various formats
(Banner ads, Bumper ads, GIFs and much more)

Turnaround Time

Greatly improved with an automated workflow

Multiple Ad Platforms &
Varied Languages

Adaption for Multiple Ad platforms & varied languages

Supports Different
Ad Sizes

Adapt an Ad into multiple dimensions

Advertisers face the challenge of getting quality talent to produce the creatives consistently, as per advertising guidelines with fast turnaround times to be able to keep up pace with the campaign requirements.


High rejection rates of ad creatives coupled with inconsistencies and slow turnaround inhibit advertisers to make effective use of the advertising platforms.


With client-centricity at the heart of our approach, when we identified the given challenge & pain points, we were determined to craft a solution that caters to this challenge.

We built the Ads builder’ tool that enables us to deliver to our clients by automating and streamlining ads creation with the utmost level of quality.

Ads Builder

One-stop solution for all Digital Marketing ad production requirements

Ads builder tool concept is to augment the manual ad creation process with automated ad production. This would revolutionize the ad creation as it would make the best use of manual creative effort and automated generation using pre-defined templates.


What are the unique features of the Ads Builder tool?


Improves the productivity of creative development       


Equips Small and Medium businesses(SMBs) with limited marketing budgets to produce ad creatives easily


Easily configurable based on client requirement     



Reduces manual errors                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Reduce the rejection rates of ad creatives, produces consistent creatives in high turnaround times

Glimpse into the Ads Builder tool

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