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CX50 2024

Cognizant has partnered with Marketing Week and Adobe to highlight the top 50 UK individuals and organisations driving the ever-changing customer experience (CX) landscape and excelling in their field. 

CX encompasses every interaction a person has with an organisation throughout their journey from unaware to advocate, impacting brand perception and loyalty. 

By acknowledging the best and brightest in CX, the CX50 fosters a culture of excellence that benefits businesses and customers alike. It also serves as a reminder that with dedication and passion, anything is possible, and the future of CX is full of potential. 

Our methodology  

We selected the top CX professionals based on their achievements against these three criteria:


The influence the individual has on their company, industry, and the broader CX landscape.


The extent to which the individual’s work in CX has been groundbreaking and forward-thinking.


The measurable difference the individual or their work has made on their business and/or the CX landscape.


Correlating with our methodology, we discovered the disruptors, organisational leaders, technologists, brand guardians and growth drivers in these key industry sectors:

Meet the partners and contributors


Crafting digital journeys and content that inspire, captivate, and move customers and communities.


Unleashing data-driven insights to personalize touchpoints, every step of the way.


Fueling engaging omnichannel experiences with industry-leading tools and expertise.

Marketing week

Keeping you ahead of the curve with CX trends, insights, and community for continuous improvement.


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