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Cognizant and Microsoft
From Hype to ROI: Unlocking the Long-Term Value of Generative AI

Gen AI is captivating imaginations with its potential to revolutionise the financial services industry. Join us for a panel discussion as we delve beyond the hype and explore implementation.

 Tuesday, 23 April 2024

 10-11 a.m. GMT


Capitalizing on gen AI

By understanding the opportunities and risks of generative AI, financial institutions and insurers can take the first steps toward benefiting from this powerful technology.

Action & insight


New work, new world

Hard numbers are here. Generative AI could deliver more than $1 trillion in annual growth by 2032, while potentially disrupting up to 90% of existing jobs. How can leaders navigate an upheaval of this scale and realize the technology’s full potential? By investing in people. 

Action & insight

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