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The virtual doctor is in: AI clinician helps to triage patients

Get a glimpse into the future of telemedicine. Built for a national healthcare agency, our virtual AI clinician can diagnose over 900 common medical conditions with 98% accuracy.

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Depth of Expertise

Empowering better, faster decision-making with Data and AI

Cognizant’s innovative offerings will enable you to harness the power of data and AI to drive faster, predictive and proactive decisioning, while shaping your path forward.

Deliver intuitive patient experiences

From insight to implementation, Cognizant can deliver intuitive patient experiences that matter. Let us partner with you to make this possible.

Software that powers business outcomes

Cognizant engineers products that help you gain insights, respond with agility and deliver impact for your business.

Reimagine a more efficient technology core

Leverage Cognizant’s deep understanding of modern technologies, applications, industry domains and human centric design to mitigate risks and help you deliver on the promise of digital.

Advancing healthcare with power of partnerships

Our partners are the established leaders and innovative disruptors of the world. Together, we can move your organisation forward.

Delivering digital impact end-to-end

Cognizant enables organisations anticipate and act instantly - as if on intuition - empowering organisations to deliver game-changing impact

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Patient Experience

Patient-centred care: 8 steps to an effective ‘digital front door’

A well-designed digital front door makes it easier for patients to access information and services. Discover our 8 steps to building a digital front door that works for everyone.


Transforming shared services with Workday

Public sector and NHS shared services need applications that are scalable, flexible and human-first. Discover why we’re investing in Workday for HR and Finance transformation.


Five principles of gen AI for health & care

New gen AI tools could transform health and care. But leaders need to make smart choices.

Health and the city

Health and wellbeing are key elements of the livable city. Our report outlines three ways to develop healthy, inclusive and future-ready cities.

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