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of companies struggle to understand and define the benefits of their change initiatives

How can insurers ensure the success of their change initiatives?

It is clear that there is an appetite for change across London Market insurance companies. However, insurance firms are consistently running into hurdles that are preventing change initiatives from delivering and must take a holistic approach to ensure success. 

  • Broaden your aspirations

    • Successful change focuses on long-term priorities rather than short-term gains to create a business that is ready for the future. 
  • Engage your employees

    • Your people are the best place to find innovation and ideas that will power the business forward.
    • Recognise the importance of your company culture to help ensure people become change champions and early adopters of new ways of working.
  • Engage technology providers as partners

    • Choose vendors experienced in both the London Market and other sectors, who can translate their expertise from other industries into the success of your programme.
    • Access learnings about innovation to power your transformation and strategic planning. 
Insurance firms working collaboratively with technology partners can deliver transformational change to the market.

Matt Jarman
Client Partner / Cognizant


Digital transformation in the London Market: Opportunities and challenges

While transformation will bring challenges, it will also deliver opportunities. Enacting change will empower market players to gain a strategic edge that keeps them at the forefront of global insurance.

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