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Learn how to unlock the potential of data

Get practical guidance on leveraging digital technology, adopting a customer-centric approach, and optimizing after-sales processes to gain a competitive edge in the automotive industry.

Rev up Your Auto OEM's Customer Service with Data Initiated Support

We invite you for a valuable 50 min session to learn more about how "Data Initiated Customer Support" leverages car data to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and reduce costs for Auto OEMs. Discover the benefits of customer-centric engagement strategy and digital technology adoption with Cognizant.

Learn about how companies can:

  • Increase their turnover in service by 20%
  • Increase Customer loyalty in service by 10%
  • Reduce their Warranty Cost for special cases by 10%

Otmar Kratzer 

Head of Automotive Consulting Global Growth Markets

For over 25 years, Otmar has worked in and for the automotive industry, with experience in product design, manufacturing, and IT services. He has supported numerous automakers on their journey towards digital transformation, andhas worked with both manufacturers and suppliers.

Dr. Oliver Friedmann

Executive Partner

Oliver is an experienced automotive manager with 25+ years of experience in creating successful customer relationships. He focuses on designing new business models for the entire customer journey, with expertise in digitization of business processes and intelligent linking of customer and vehicle data.


Auto OEMs: The eternal dream of digital distribution?

Discover how OEMs can improve profitability and customer experience in sales and after-sales processes through data-driven customer service. Cognizant can help optimize post-sales processes to enhance customer value. Learn more in our blog post on digital sales in the automotive industry.

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Transform your customer engagement now!

Learn how to unlock the full potential of your automotive business.