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Improve Star Ratings through insight-driven decision making and quality improvement interventions.


StarSERV™ uses automation and analytics, along with the expertise of proven Star & HEDIS system experts and data scientists, to enable Medicare plans and providers to proactively identify and improve the most impactful metrics affecting their Star ratings. StarSERV™ helps Plans achieve optimal Star ratings for competitive advantage in the Medicare market, helping to retain consumers and earn bonuses and rebates from CMS.


StarSERV is a digital, end-to-end Star rating platform that aggregates all Medicare star rating measures into a single, actionable view. This drives collaboration between different stakeholders to continuously work towards achieving optimal Star rating.

Integrate and visualize

The platform pulls in data from multiple sources, such as claims, pharmacy, laboratory and clinical into a visual, easy-to-understand format. Notably, for plans that use Trizetto, the solution is planned for integration with QNXT and FACETS administration systems.

Analyze and recommend

Put information to work through descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics that pinpoint where the least effort yields the largest positive impact on ratings. Algorithms that run against the patient longitudinal record identify high ROI and high opportunity members.


The platform includes workflows for users across departments like clinical quality, pharmacy, customer satisfaction and appeals to collaborate toward the common goal of increasing the organization’s Star rating. It also supports deployment of quality improvement programs for the provider community through IPA and practice scorecards with up-to-date performance indicators and member level actionable lists.

Combine human knowledge and automated technologies

From ETL experts, data scientists, HEDIS and Stars subject matter experts, to registered nurses, Cognizant can engage on a customized basis with your plan to reap the full benefits of StarSERV™.


StarSERV™ is powered by a measure calculation engine that has been certified by NCQA since 2011 and developed on an industry standard SQL server database.



StarSERV™ Solution Summary

Health plans are competing in an evolving marketplace; in particular, Medicare Advantage plans are experiencing tremendous growth in membership and projections indicate continued growth into the future. Now it is more critical than ever for plans to have the ability to analyze and improve quality outcomes in an effort to help determine future market competiveness and sustainability.

StarSERV™ Medicare Star Rating Solution | Cognizant Technology Solutions