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Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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A holistic product attribute solution that supplements the structure and governance of Product Information Management.


SKUView provides an integrated and scalable platform, best-in class processes and efficient operations to manage attribute content across various data sources and channels across the supply chain. Now, retailers can accept the data from any source, internal or external, in any pre-existing data structure and taxonomy.

Managing Attribute Data for SKUs

Aggregating Content Enabling Vendors Governance & Reporting


Curation & Validation QA & Compliance



SKUView enables retailers to focus on their core merchandising strategies and rely on a scalable and robust solution to handle their complex product attribute content management needs. It is driven by a highly scalable and automated engine that integrates attribute data, regardless of taxonomy, from various sources (internal and external) and validates this data to customizable category specific rules. It allows retailers to generate scorecards on data quality and work with vendors to improve product content for their channels. The platform also captures best-in class validations for each category and class of attributes.

Scalable & integrated attribute management

Enabled by a user-driven module for collecting attribute values from various sources in the supply chain in different data structures. The platform also includes third-party APIs for integrations with leading data pools, content crawling services and vendor portals.

Complete and trusted attribute data

Create a validated single golden record of the SKU file. SKUView merges attribute values from different data sources in the supply chain and validates them based on retailers specific rules. It also utilizes best-in class algorithms to identify trusted data sources and incorporates workflows to enable adherence to data compliance.

Lower cost of operations and IT investments

SKUView allows suppliers and retailers to present content that is suitable and curated for specific channel needs. Users can create multiple versions of a single SKU record without having to modify the golden record. It supports various supplier and structures and multiple file formats such as XML, CSV and EDI832.


SKUView Retail Solutions Overview

See how SKUView provides rich and accurate product attribute content to increase e‑commerce sales effectiveness. The SKUView solution enables retailers to optimize merchandising and online revenue growth.

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