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Predictive and prescriptive analytics provide high-value insights from customer journeys and lifestyle.

Many financial institutions are contending with legacy technologies that divert resources from customer engagement. Cognizant SightPrism™ provides customer data aggregation and analytics for multi-channel data acquisition, analysis and visualization to create a rich data ecosystem collected from across all of a bank’s digital channels and from third-party lifestyle and social data. Linking the data together using sophisticated analytics capabilities provides a comprehensive picture of a customer’s digital journey allowing banks to make decisions fast so they can proactively address issues or opportunities.

Features & Benefits

SightPrism provides insights into the fundamental gap between the brand promise and the reality of customers’ experiences as they interact with every interface affecting the financial institution.

Cognizant SightPrism is relevant to all areas, providing critical customer insights across operations, finance, marketing, call center management, sales and more, at a departmental, divisional or enterprise level.

Cognizant SightPrism offers built-in reporting tools and highly segmented outreach campaigns that can continuously monitor a customer’s suitability for inclusion in a campaign, initiate real-time campaign activity and help marketing improve campaign effectiveness through predictive campaign modeling.  


Cognizant SightPrism Solution Overview

Cognizant SightPrism’s visualization component is a multi-layer web application that provides numerous ways to visualize multi-dimensional data, including graphical representations of all customer interactions with every channel across many customers, a user-created subgroup of customers or even a single customer.

Cognizant SightPrism Executive Summary

SightPrism was designed to empower business users with easy-to-understand analytics in a navigable platform. Using customer data aggregation and analytics, SightPrism provides a comprehensive 360-degree customer view and is built around actual use case scenarios across marketing, operations and customer experience. 

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