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Kickstarting application modernization

Drive continual innovation to hypercharge your app modernization journey.

Bridging the gap between CX and modernization
Bridging the gap between CX and modernization

Strategies to future-proof your citizen applications to be both digital-and citizen-ready.

Shift gears in your app modernization methodology
Shift gears in your app modernization methodology

Key signposts to help you accelerate app feature delivery, enhance scalability and improve service performance.

Want to bridge the gap between digital ambition and reality? Start by modernizing your apps.

App modernization kickstarts your journey towards greater efficiencies in citizen service delivery. From consolidating your business and corporate systems to migrating to cloud-based platforms, a modern app infrastructure future-fits your agency to respond faster in the post-pandemic world. Where are you in your modernization journey?

  • Engage citizens actively

    Empower emotional connectedness with citizens via modernized applications that enable seamless interactions. Build resilience with an agile foundation that meets the challenges of new norms with changing citizen and business needs.

  • Streamline manual processes

    Eliminate paper-based processes, multi-level approvals and other bureaucracies by modernizing legacy applications and their ecosystems. Enable a fully automated, tools-based approach on a cost-effective, digital-ready, modern platform.

  • Adopt new technologies confidently

    Embrace emerging technologies decisively with an agile foundation that accelerates digitalization. Get both digital- and citizen-ready with application-led cloud migration to ensure agility, extend scalability and deliver new services faster.
  • Integrate systems seamlessly

    Enable legacy and latest systems to integrate seamlessly and collaborate securely. Eliminate siloed systems, upgrade existing systems and migrate applications effortlessly with automation  tools to enhance service quality and delivery.

We have created unmatched CX that delivered beyond expectations. Every time!

Multinational Home Emergency Services Transforms Customer Interactions

By mapping detailed customer journeys, we helped a multinational home emergency services company devised new interaction methods and innovative digital interfaces to optimize CX.

US-based shipping and logistics company spotlights customer-centricity

By building outside-in customer-centricity we embedded CX across a US-based shipping and logistics company’s organizational culture. A holistic CX enabled the company to deliver differentiated CX that sharpens its competitiveness.

Dutch multinational bank gets digitally smart

To deliver more human-centric CX, a Dutch multinational bank turned to us to build an integrated and coherent digital presence to effectively transform customer interactions with a local touch.

Post-pandemic IT infrastructures need to be agile enough for just-in-case scenarios, to effectively meet ever-evolving citizen and business needs.

Ang Guat Ling
Client Partner, Singapore Public Sector, Cognizant


cut in the processing time

By consolidating multiple grant management systems into one portal, grant application processing time was reduced by 50%.


Siemens Healthcare Transforms Global CX

Creating ‘always-on’ customer interactions via one harmonized CX, Siemens Healthcare successfully onboarded 2,200+ agents in eight months, cut licensure costs by 30% and achieved 99.9% availability of services.

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