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Rapidly transform your claims processes to achieve better results and create an unmatched customer experience.

Rapid rollout of new claims processing technology involves evaluation of use cases, a clear understanding of the value proposition and redesign of processes and roles.

Cognizant’s insurance consulting practice works with 7 out of 10 global insurers and 33 out of 50 U.S. insurers to provide innovative claims processing solutions. Our 300+ professionals leverage deep industry knowledge to meet the needs of business and IT managers alike.



Innovation Management

A culture of innovation is essential for any insurance carrier to survive in today’s competitive environment. We help you develop an innovation strategy, architect solutions, create rapid prototypes, form a sustainable business model, and operationalize a solution. Cognizant’s methodology for developing prototypes quickly and conducting proof of concepts provides our clients with a clear path to drive innovation. Learn More

Digital Strategy

Digital companies are organizations of the future. Our consultants work with you to develop a digital strategy aligned to business objectives, leveraging digital capabilities and market advantages to produce sustainable competitive advantage. Our key offerings for claims processing include:

  • Digital strategy for claims customer experience. We help you understand the customer journey for different channel interactions, analyze their effectiveness and develop a strategy to provide a best-in-class customer experience. 
  • Digital strategy for claims value chain transformation. We help develop an operating model that aligns people, process and organizational culture to maximize benefits for all digital initiatives.



Claims Business Strategy 

Our services help improve your claims servicing strategy through a detailed assessment of current claims processes, customer engagement strategy, competition and industry trends. Our consultants speak the language of business and IT to provide a strategically-aligned solution.

Claims Operating Model Design

Both customer expectations and claims processing procedures vary considerable by the size and complexity of the claims. Cognizant helps you define a target state claims operating model that works well for all stakeholders. Before new designs are implemented, this design step ensures that your organization’s structure, people, process and technology are aligned to meet the diverse expectations.

Business Process Reengineering

Cognizant’s consultants help reengineer your claims process to improve efficiency and expedite claims settlement. We leverage our robust framework that defines the future state claims processes and leads to an implementation roadmap.

Claims Cost Optimization

Cost transparency helps you make informed decisions on where costs can be reduced without compromising business performance. We provide strategies that reduce claims operations costs by analyzing multiple cost levers and developing a plan to realize the cost savings.

Claims Leakage Reduction

The insurance industry loses a significant portion of premiums each year from leakage across the claims value chain. Our experts help you identify the deviations in spend from established industry and company standards and assist in implementing corrective actions.

Business Case Development

Business investments that improve claims processes and technology are becoming more common. We help you determine the potential economic returns from these investments, with detailed analyses that estimate the financial costs and benefits.

Change Management

Successful organizational change is essential to implement a new business or transformation strategy. Because change typically involves adopting a new mindset, processes and the latest technology, change management helps people make the transition successfully. We work to assess your organization’s readiness for change, conduct impact and skill gap analysis,and develop training and communication strategies to enable seamless organizational transformation.


COTS Product Evaluation

Technology products play a critical role in enabling business operations and making the wrong choices can take years to correct. Cognizant’s framework for evaluating COTS products for client suitability helps ensure a positive outcome. We work with you to choose the right products at every step, from defining the initial evaluation criteria to cost benefit analysis.

Application/Infrastructure Portfolio Rationalization

Cognizant’s approach to system portfolio rationalization helps determine the best option for each IT claims application, analyzed based upon its value. We help you decide which applications to retain, phase-out, remediate and rewrite or outsource.


For Insurance Claims: Proof of Concept for Digital

Cloud and “as-a-service” technologies offer claims organizations the opportunity for rapid deployment of new processes and solutions. Learn how rapid prototyping helps claims organizations assess whether modern digital solutions deliver the desired benefits.

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