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Need to rapidly transform your claims business?

There have never been so many ways to apply IT innovation and business process services to help reduce costs and improve total claim outcome.


Claims processes of the future are available today, thanks to rapid developments in technology and services.

Property & Casualty (P&C) claims is poised to benefit from advancements in data assimilation technologies, digital, robotics, artificial intelligence and technology fortified business process services. Cognizant provides world-class services to claims, including management consulting, preconfigured claim solutions (many can be taken for a test drive), data analytics and outcome based business process services. Gain rapid innovation opportunities with our combined capabilities.



Rapid stand-up of preconfigured solutions, many offered on a software-as-a-service basis, to Accelerate claims performance improvement. Benefit from Cognizant’s intellectual property and our strategic alliances with world-class organizations. We are eager to explore concepts jointly with claim organizations like yours. Learn More


Claims process and operating model redesign and change management expertise. Redesign processes, roles and responsibilities alongside the deployment of Accelerators. Architect and manage proof of concept to ascertain the business benefits and impact of technology prototyping. Learn More


Test drive Cognizant, crowd-sourced concepts and partner claims solutions or, on a project basis, conduct an integrated proof-of-concept. Our rapid prototyping framework can reduce prototype delivery cycle and prototyping cost by 50% and increase scalability. Watch Video


Removing variability, predicting complexity and identifying optimal handling procedures, given a claim’s unique set of characteristics, has long been a holy grail for claim executives. Accelerate claims business intelligence and predictive analytics journeys with Cognizant’s BigDecisions™ platform.


Comprehensive P&C service portfolio focused on outcomes. Harness unique capabilities to combine process automation, data analytics and BPS. Servicing end-to-end claims operations, as well as, high-skilled roles (e.g., clinical services, attorney). Strength in medical management BPS.


Cognizant Rapid Claims Innovation Solution Overview

Learn how Cognizant Rapid Claims Innovation can quickly transform your claims processes through preconfigured Accelerators and digital technologies.

For Insurance Claims: Proof of Concept for Digital

Cloud and “as-a-service” technologies offer claims organizations the opportunity for rapid deployment of new processes and solutions. Learn how rapid prototyping helps claims organizations assess whether modern digital solutions deliver the desired benefits.

Explore the Art of the Possible: Cognizant Claims Ignite Workshop

Cognizant’s Claims Ignite Workshop is an engaging and interactive, working session conducted with claim executives, IT and Cognizant SMEs. It combines facilitated discussion on emerging trends and technologies, playtime with toys and roundtable discussion to explore the art of the possible. This half-day,  ‘workshop-in-a-box’ event can be easily mobilized and conducted at carrier locations.

Cognizant Claims Accelerators

Learn more on how Cognizant Claims Accelerators provides different ways of applying IT innovation to help improve total claim outcome, thus providing clients easy access to preconfigured solutions to “accelerate” claims performance improvement.

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