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We make our own QA tools. They work together, follow best practices and are available on demand and in the cloud.

Our testing practice employs a wide range of industry‑standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies. Besides using tools from commercial and open source providers, we also offer our own testing tools based on Cognizant's enterprise QA framework.  

The end result of many person-years’ experience with testing automation, our tools are either licensable or accessible through the cloud. They offer the latest analytics, cover the newest mobile environments and integrate with leading testing software from other providers.



Cognizant's CTDM (Test Data Management Architecture) facilitates test data generation through automation and simplifies data uploading and reporting. The architecture encourages the reusability of test data for testing in distributed environments and improves project manageability by mitigating confusion caused due to the creation of different test data in multiple environments.

fasTest On-Demand Testing 

fasTest is our cloud-based, on-demand testing delivery model providing testers with higher levels of flexibility and agility at lower capital cost. It accelerates the testing cycle while delivering consistent and predictable outcomes. With fasTest you are able to certify applications on any desired platform, using the testing tools of your choice.                          


Cognizant ADPART (Activity Diagram-Based Path Analysis and Regression Testing) is a visual modeling tool. It replaces the maze of written documents often used to document important business processes with activity diagrams through which users can easily capture each process flow. ADPART translates the requirements into a flow chart and automatically generates test cases. 

Cognizant Mobility Testing Lab

Cognizant Mobility Testing Lab is a cloud-based "test lab-as-a-service” solution that revolutionizes mobile app testing. It saves time and infrastructure maintenance costs by automating mobile app testing in the cloud and on-demand scaling to support multiple mobile devices, shortening the testing cycle by 50% and more.                         


Accelerate Your Time to Market with Cognizant Product Testing Solutions

We have the tools, team and test accelerators (as hosted, platform or installed software) to overcome all testing challenges faced during a product's lifecycle.                      

Cognizant Mobility Testing Lab

The faster, easier, more cost-effective way to test enterprise mobile apps.                     

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