Intuition engineered®

The secret to perpetual business relevance

Where will your business be in five years? Ten years? Even for the most experienced executive, that’s a difficult question to answer, in part because so much depends on things completely outside of your control — evolving customer preferences, shifting market landscapes and disruptive events.

What we do know is this: The most successful companies today constantly anticipate changes ahead — predicting changes in customer behaviour, sensing market shifts, planning for disruptive events — and act instantaneously to put themselves ahead of the competition.

Anticipate and act with precision. Is it possible? How can a business effectively sense what’s coming and immediately mobilize a game plan to capitalize on that prediction?

Human beings do this all the time. It’s called intuition.

  • It’s why Serena Williams knows where to move before her opponent hits the ball.
  • It’s why Lionel Messi knows to cut left, just as the defender lunges.
  • It’s how Sebastian Vettel knows to take the outside line when the inside line seems clearer.

Some call intuition a hunch; others, a guess. But as we better understand the inner workings of the brain, we’re learning that intuition is a product of accumulation, synthesis, theory, trial and error, and refinement, honed over time.

Most of what we call intuition, to respond to situations and just act, is based on an enormous accumulation of experience.

Herbert A. Simon

Psychologist and Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

In short, intuition isn’t a mystery at all.

What if your business could be intuitive? Imagine channeling awareness, intelligence and experience into the exact right decision with blazing speed: to invest or divest, raise or lower prices, shift production or supply chains and, above all else, keep your brand continuously relevant to customers.

This is the power that comes from engineering intuition into your business.


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