Strategic priorities set the pace

The strategic advantage in digital healthcare is determined by the functions and processes that organizations prioritize for automation. Currently, one-third of payers are augmenting specific business process areas.

With their sights set on financial stability and market capture, almost three-quarters of respondents are augmenting sales and marketing processes, and 92% expect to do so by 2023 (see Figure 5).

While many digital efforts are in their early stages, payers are clearly pushing forward. Currently, most of the implementations targeting process areas have achieved “some augmentation” at payer sites. Respondents expect that half of their process areas will be augmented to some degree by 2023. It will be seen whether that is an ambitious goal, as currently very few payers have what they describe as “good” or “widespread” implementation.

Process augmentation priorities

Respondents were asked to describe their progress today and by 2023 in implementing emerging technologies to augment workforce performance in the following business processes. (Percent of respondents who said they had achieved some level of augmentation: implemented projects/some augmentation, implemented projects/good augmentation or widespread augmentation)

Response base: 50 U.S. healthcare payers Source: Cognizant Center for the Future of Work Figure 5