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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Validata makes core banking system software testing faster, more flexible and in the cloud

Validata Group is the leading provider of Validata SAS and cloud-based managed testing services for the banking and finance sector. Validata SAS is a central platform of integrated tools, which are agnostic of any software, database, UI and APIs. The platform is designed to validate core banking systems, align testing to business processes and/or requirements while improving productivity and automation coverage. It achieves reduced test cycle times in all phases of testing, resulting in unprecedented ROI.

Validata offers a test management software suite (ATS, VConn, ABS) for automation testing, data migration and build control especially for the banking and finance industry. The company is also one of the few vendors whose tools provide testing and connectivity for T24, which is a leading core banking product from Temenos with a proprietary language and interface.

Helping banks streamline the deployment of core banking products


Validata’s testing accelerators and automated tools for testing, data migration and deployment for the banking industry complement the strength of Cognizant’s banking domain knowledge, skilled resources and project management expertise. As such, Cognizant and Validata are able to help our banking customers streamline the deployment of core banking products such as Temenos T24 or Oracle Flexcube and ensure successful results.

We use Validata automation testing and data migration software in our Center for Excellence (COE) for the banking industry. Through our COE, we act as systems integrator for the deployment of T24, Flexcube and other core banking products for our customers, as well as provide development, data migration and testing services.

The ability to provide quality core banking testing in a short time span with Validata’s solution gives Cognizant and our customers alike a competitive advantage. Cognizant and Validata have partnered on Automation Testing & data migration engagements for various global banking firms.

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