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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Quest Software offers products for managing applications, databases, virtual systems and leading Microsoft Server products—including Exchange and SharePoint

Quest Software offers products for application management, database management, Microsoft Windows management (including Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint) and virtualization management. The company provides unrivaled solutions for simplifying management, migration and customizations in a SharePoint environment.

Streamline development with rapid SharePoint customization


Cognizant partners with Quest to take advantage of the company’s robust solutions for the management, migration and customization of SharePoint. Quest’s solutions simplify management tasks while encouraging user adoption and ensuring SharePoint governance. As such, our customers have access to solutions that meet their unique business demands while streamlining development through rapid SharePoint customizations.

As alliance partners, Cognizant and Quest collaborate to help our customers reduce the risks and minimize the time and effort required to deploy and run SharePoint 2010/2013. This includes installation on both on-premise systems and online migrations, consolidations and restructurings. Quest’s proven solutions for SharePoint migration give our customers more confidence and simplifies what is typically a complex deployment.

Our partnership with Quest also gives Cognizant direct access to the technical guidance of the company’s SharePoint experts and the best practices of leveraging Quest software solutions on SharePoint.


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