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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Cognizant partner QlikTech is the provider of QlikView, BI software that transforms the way companies manage and analyze data

QlikTech is the provider of QlikView, a Business Intelligence (BI) software platform combining the features of dynamic presentations, instantaneous data manipulation and real-time data analysis. QlikTech focuses on simplifying decision-making for business users across organizations by pioneering new approaches to access, manage and interact with data.

Rethink the enterprise with emerging BI, big data and mobility solutions


Cognizant and QlikTech share a common mission to deliver advanced business intelligence/analytics, data discovery, advanced visualization and mobility solutions to customers across multiple industries.

As a global strategic partner, we collaborate with QlikTech on a wide range of projects, including proof of concept and solution delivery engagements. Together, we help companies rethink the enterprise and rewire IT using emerging mobile technologies, the cloud and big data analytics.

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