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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Helping organizations leverage Lean-Agile principles to accelerate innovation and deliver value faster.

The strategic partnership between Cognizant and LeanKit helps Cognizant’s clients implement Lean-Agile principles, practices and work methodologies across all business functions. The partnership enables organizations to create an environment of continuous improvement and innovation—and deliver value faster.

LeanKit is Cognizant’s official Kanban/visual work management tool. Organizations use LeanKit to modernize their processes and stay ahead of today's rapidly changing digital environment. Unlike traditional tools, LeanKit’s work management software helps companies globally visualize and connect work, optimize processes using real-time analytics.

With LeanKit, teams and organizations can:

  • Reduce status meetings using workflow visualization
  • Cut errors by aligning on the same information across teams
  • Deliver value faster by using data to improve processes

Teams across an organization rely on LeanKit’s Kanban software every day to manage their work, including AVM teams, portfolio managers and product management teams who use the Lean-Kanban framework to manage their work and become agile.

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