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Master the new reality of constant retail change with an integrated commerce platform

Demandware sets the standard for omnichannel commerce solutions. Having introduced its first enterprise-class cloud commerce platform in 2004, Demandware today powers more than 200 global brands across more than 800 sites worldwide. The heart of the company’s solution is Demandware Commerce, a flexible commerce platform that minimizes the complexities and costs of running extensive global commerce operations. It enables retailers to respond with speed and agility to new market opportunities and unforeseen consumer expectations.

Demandware Commerce delivers the speed, agility, innovation and superior economics required to master the new retail reality of constant and unpredictable change. With one central platform to power all channels and intuitive applications for both business and technical users, retailers can quickly execute omnichannel merchandising and marketing; manage operations globally; and develop unique capabilities that differentiate their brand experiences across Web, mobile and store. Seamless upgrades deliver a continuous flow of innovation without disrupting business, ensuring that platform functionality is always current.

Based on a scalable cloud infrastructure that delivers optimal performance, security and uptime, Demandware Commerce removes the barriers and complexities of traditional licensed software and allows retailers to focus on the strategic business initiatives that drive growth.

Demandware and Cognizant – Solving today’s retail challenges


With Demandware’s enterprise cloud platform as the foundation, the solution offered by the Cognizant/Demandware partnership empowers retailers and their brands to monitor and control the retail commerce experience across multiple channels, geographies and devices.

Leveraging the commerce integration of Demandware Commerce and Cognizant’s expertise in omnichannel development, the partnership provides the business and technology services companies need to successfully define and execute a digital commerce strategy. Retailers benefit from our combined design, implementation, support and training services while minimizing the costs and complexities of running global commerce operations.

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