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Gamify your business processes with Bunchball to boost innovation and improve customer relationships

Bunchball is a leader in gamification, the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context. The company’s gamification platform, Nitro, can be used to gamify any business process using connectors for many popular communication platforms to streamline and facilitate deployment. Since 2007, Bunchball and the Nitro platform have been used to drive innovation in the areas of personalized gamification, team functionality, built-in redemption and Adobe Omniture integration. Other features include:​

  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Development of a gamification app
  • Development of an IBM gamification app
  • Development of a Jive gamification app

Gain a new competitive edge with gamification—and Cognizant


Cognizant recognizes the importance of gamification as a key driver for success in the Future of Work. Therefore, we are excited to enhance our business process improvement practices with the Bunchball platform, which gives our customers the world’s most innovative way to configure and design gamification programs. As alliance partners, Cognizant and Bunchball empower our customers with the design techniques and technology to create game dynamics that not only spark employee innovation, but also engage customers creatively to build loyalty.

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