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It’s time for Operations 2.0

Re-imagine your operations with a digital-first strategy that drives efficiency gains, increases agility and speed to market and improves customer acquisition.

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Re-engineer Your Processes

With AI and human expertise working hand-in-hand to enhance operations, organisations can realise significant efficiency gains. Cognizant’s AI framework helps you to re-evaluate and re-engineer your end-to-end processes, optimising existing assets and technology and deploying new, scalable approaches for the most effective “human and machine” combination at every stage.

  • It’s time for operations 2.0

    Re-imagine your operations with a digital-first strategy.


  • Putting Humans at the Heart of AI

    How human centric AI is helping Cognizant’s customers augment and enhance human experience.


  • The Role of Human Emotion in Decision Making - by Jerry Smith

    Find out why we don’t build AI systems – we grow them, using data.


  • How Organizations can Manage the Human-AI Workforce

    How organizations can distribute their tasks to make the most effective AI-human symbiosis.


The Experts’ View

Read our experts’ blog articles on AI.

  • How banks can make AI-based insights work for them and their customers
    • Here are four challenges banks need to overcome to start generating AI-based insights that improve the customer experience.

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  • When AI and Algorithms Move into the Office
    • What happens as technology moves, in the form of AI, beyond simpler business tasks into more complex activities, as it expands from the shop floor into the knowledge-based office?

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  • 8 Ways to Forge a Path to Real and Responsible AI
    • Cognizant experts discuss the essential components of a real and responsible AI deployment, and share eight top tips.

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  • 20 Things to expect from AI in 2020 and beyond
    • 2020 promises to be the biggest year for AI to date. Here are 20 ways we predict AI will change work across seven industries in the years ahead. 

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  • How to accelerate business change using data and AI
    • AI poses as many challenges as opportunities. Here are a few common characteristics we’ve seen among businesses that have realized success with data and AI. 

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How our clients are using AI

  • Customer Care Done Right with Real Time AI

    AI-informed analytics help an industry-leading Property and Casualty (P&C) insurer to improve customer service, monitor call quality and understand customer sentiment during insurance claims calls.


  • Preventive Care, With a Dose of Artificial Intelligence

    A leading healthcare company adopts an AI-driven solution to identify drug-seeking behaviour.


  • AI Speeds Repairs, Cuts Costs for Electric Utility

    A U.S. utility used photographs taken by drones to identify equipment that needed repair across its far-flung distribution network.


  • AI Machine Learning Solution Detects Check Fraud for a Global Bank

    A global bank partnered with Cognizant to build a solution based on AI machine learning to speed up check verification and lower costs.


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