A new hybrid future

Putting all this together, we may dream and fervently hope that we’ll see forces like these push a renaissance in Tier 2 cities that are walkable, affordable and vibrant in their own way.  Already, we’re seeing places like this emerge in  up-and-coming locations like Sacramento, CA, and Portland, ME, to name just a few.

Where once working from home was a privilege for the few, it’s suddenly become a necessity for the many. With #WFH now widely implemented, it would be foolhardy to assume we’ll go back to the old ways of working. Welcome to the new hybrid future of work: sometimes remote, sometimes in the office, and all driving outsized business outcomes and impact in the process.

Erik Brynjolfsson is a Professor at Stanford and Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab. See full bio.

Robert H. Brown is a Vice President at Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work. See full bio.