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To maximize revenues, you’ve got to keep viewers coming back. Streaming content went mainstream in 2020, and now the key is to monetize investments. By optimizing content value chains to minimize churn, our end-to-end approach opens the door to success. We partner on everything from content and distribution to presentation and growth.

Data and AI usage in the media and entertainment sector is less about personalization and more about relevance.

Kanti Kopalle
Market Lead - Communications, Media and Education Netherlands, Cognizant


Going beyond the telecom industry with hyper-personalization

How does your telco organization stand out from the competition? In today’s telco market, organizations are often forced to compete on price or perceived quality to maintain market share.

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Creating superior customer experiences by leveraging AI & data

Learn how to reinvent decision-making processes to excite customers and grow revenue by intelligently combining AI technology and human science.

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Five ways media companies can generate value from AI

With some up-front thinking, tight alignment with business objectives, strong data hygiene and careful governance, content organizations can move AI from the sideline to the business core and deliver on the technology’s lofty expectations.

Four rules for designing new media & entertainment business models

Here are four best practices for media & entertainment businesses to apply when designing a new model for direct-to-consumer operations.

Competing to win in the media & entertainment industry

To outperform in tough times, media and entertainment companies must rejuvenate their business, operating and technology models by jettisoning nonvalue-adding activities and reinforcing core strengths that provide sustainable growth, despite funding challenges.

Automation boosts conversion for marketing campaigns

Cognizant was tasked with helping a digital advertising agency improve the click-through and conversion rates for the campaigns it was managing for its end-customers.

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