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It’s an exciting time for the industry as more insurers invest to transform their business models. Because innovation is key to driving growth, we deliver insight that strengthens your digital presence, levels the field and achieves business vision.

Bringing RPA and AI into the underwriting & claims domain leads to dramatic customer process and (cost) control improvements

Vincent Dolfin
Consulting Lead Insurance Benelux, Cognizant


Hyper-personalization: Taking insurance in the Benelux to the next level

It’s now time for insurers to fully utilize the potential of new technology, embracing hyper-personalization and the benefits that it offers for customers and insurers.

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Creating superior customer experiences by leveraging AI & data

Learn how to reinvent decision-making processes to excite customers and grow revenue by intelligently combining AI technology and human science.

Action & insight

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Applying human-centered design at NN investment partners

Cognizant helped NN Investment Partners create a safe and personal digital ecosystem for their customers. It was successfully launched by applying human-centered design in co-creation with the end customer.

Cognizant and Verbond van Verzekeraars sign partnership

With this collaboration, the Dutch Association of Insurers is taking the next step in the development of an open platform in the insurance sector.

Modernizing insurance data to drive intelligent decisions

To thrive during a period of unprecedented volatility, insurers will need to leverage artificial intelligence to make faster and better business decisions - and do so at scale.

The work ahead in insurance: Vying for digital supremacy

Insurers are expecting dramatic changes by 2023 as a result of adopting digital technologies and mindsets. Speeding processes, harnessing data and forming new collaborations will be the keys to win.

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