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Great technology used to be enough. Today data is the heart of businesses in the high-tech manufacturing, software, online and data services sectors. We partner with technology companies to modernize data and create platforms that deliver compelling experiences and operational maturity to unlock greater value.

MLOps increase the available possibilities, but organizations still need to make the right choice for their customers.

Kanti Kopalle
Market Lead - Communications, Media and Education Netherlands, Cognizant


MLOps: The next big thing in the technology sector

Is the sector living up to its name and realizing the full potential of the technology it uses? And is there room to benefit further from these advanced solutions?

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Creating superior customer experiences by leveraging AI & data

Learn how to reinvent decision-making processes to excite customers and grow revenue by intelligently combining AI technology and human science.

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Match on cloud—A strategic lever for growth

A global business information company needed to modernize a key part of its customer onboarding process. It needed to speed it up, boost sales through new partnerships and integrate seamlessly with any partner.

Data usage and privacy in the new workplace: A way forward

As employees return to the office, businesses face a two-pronged challenge: gathering new types of highly personal information while also safeguarding privacy. We explore the problems and put forth a process for managing the transition.

Software engineering: Designing a better experience for communications, media and technology customers

For technology companies, software development innovation is the key to enhancing business agility, rapidly designing and offering extraordinary experiences and products that will continually satisfy and delight customers.

Process redesign results: $2M cost savings

Teamwork and a strategic end-to-end approach helped a global, cloud-based software company significantly improve cash flow and reduce bad debt.

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