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Accelerate innovation in health and life sciences

Driven by a vision to improve patient outcomes along with pressure to speed time to market, manage costs and navigate regulatory demands, life sciences companies have an urgent need to innovate. Integrating digital transformation into your business strategy drives results and creates a more intelligent, agile and high-performing enterprise.

AI-driven solutions play an important role in accelerating medical innovation, but there are still barriers for organizations to overcome.

Georg Turi
Global Director, Head of Health & Life Sciences AI CoE, Cognizant


Accelerating medical innovation in the Benelux with intelligent solutions

New technological solutions are empowering medical professionals to perform new ways of testing, diagnose diseases earlier and treat and cure illnesses that were previously thought to be incurable.

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Creating superior customer experiences by leveraging AI & data

Learn how to reinvent decision-making processes to excite customers and grow revenue by intelligently combining AI technology and human science.

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Latest thinking

Shared investigator platform: Accelerating clinical trials

The Shared Investigator Platform is the first single instance multi-tenant technology platform in the clinical trials industry.

The future of medical education hubs

As patients and HCPs start to expect more from the life sciences sector, it’s time to move product-centric platforms to patient- and HCP-centric medical education hubs.

Putting humans the heart of AI

By designing human-centric artificial intelligence applications Cognizant Digital Business is helping our clients augment and enhance the human experience.

Accelerate healthcare with data and AI

Learn how leading healthcare organizations are accelerating decision making, improving business processes, enhancing user engagement, reducing costs and driving remarkable growth and profitability.

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