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Delivering tomorrow’s experiences today

Exceptional experience is determined by the sum of all interactions that customers and employees have with a brand over time.

In today’s digital economy, perception is reality. Your digital presence pretty much decides everything.

Pradipto Basu
Head of Digital Experience Europe, Cognizant


Experience-led transformations with Bernstein

New ways of designing, validating, governing, and delivering products and services require transformations that are driven by CX. The Bernstein Methodology orchestrates your transformation and guides you through the process.

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Customer experience: Often underestimated, but central to your business’ success

Fully aligning your customer experience with your organization’s strategy and vision will deliver the most impact.

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Five ways to mature personalized content

From strategy and vision through to operating models and execution capabilities, it’s time for personalized content to grow up.

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Exceptional CX starts with your employees

Excellent customer experience boosts a business' revenue and profitability. Yet few firms are able to take advantage of the CX opportunity. How well is your organization enabling great experiences?

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Experience-led solutions
Our experience-led offerings traverse the entire customer lifecycle and drive value across industries. We help the world’s biggest corporations work better to:

  • Understand their customers
  • Enable their employees
  • Scale personalized, relevant and valuable experiences
  • Customer and employee experience

    Great experiences can change lives

    Experience has become more important than price or product. Put simply, experience is everything if you want to turn customers and employees into loyal brand champions.

    To deliver experiences that differentiate, businesses need to keep up with continuously evolving expectations. How? Staying on top of their customer data and market context to understand what’s driving human behavior. This understanding allows businesses to engage in meaningful interactions with customers and employees alike. Employees feel empowered and rewarded and in turn, will support exceptional customer experiences.

    Our approach to customer and employee experience helps you understand the context of people’s lives. We uncover actionable insights and deliver highly personalized experiences across the touchpoints that matter most.

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  • Content and marketing services

    Content fuels personalized experiences

    Every interaction a brand has with a customer or employee is an opportunity to develop a relationship. Those opportunities are won or lost depending on a company’s ability to connect with audiences through content that is relevant, timely and compelling.

    Making connections that last requires organizations to personalize content and determine the channels where customers want to receive those messages. To scale this personalization, enterprises must successfully orchestrate people, creativity, data, insights and technology, all while optimizing content creation and delivery through a global operating model.

    We take a human-centric approach to help companies define the strategies necessary to meet evolving customer and employee expectations. We build and run the content and digital experience platforms that our creative studios use to produce and distribute campaigns and content at scale, and they’re powered by a suite of proprietary AI-automation tools that eliminate inefficiencies and improve time to market.

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  • Omnichannel commerce

    The future of commerce is powered by intuition

    Consumers expect personalized experiences that help them meet their needs quickly and intuitively. In retail or insurance, healthcare or travel, or even industrial machinery—consumers look for personalized and seamless interactions regardless of channel.

    Managing larger transaction volumes and more complex individual needs means companies must approach omnichannel commerce with new thinking and new capabilities. Cognizant can help you create intuitive experiences that drive brand engagement and convert shoppers into long-term customers.

    At Cognizant, we know that designing and building a modern digital architecture to meet ever-changing customer expectations is a critical investment that requires an experienced partner. We help companies orchestrate and optimize their omnichannel commerce needs by engineering intuitive experiences that inspire customer loyalty and deliver value to the bottom line.

Digital experience in practice

How a content orchestration engine can transform customer experience

Almost every organization that exists today is grappling with various facets of this development. It’s essential to invest in optimizing content supply chains, using the right tools and technologies for effective management and delivery of content at scale.

Applying human-centered design

By combining digital strategy, human-centered design and technology, a safe and personal digital ecosystem is created for NN Investment Partner.

MPO provides citizens with a clear pension overview

With the new design and seamless customer journey, we helped take a step forward from being purely functional and informative to offering a personal approach to user' pension needs.

Is your CX strategy in tune with the shifting consumer landscape?

Learn more about the 5 key shifts in customer experience.