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We help you to digitally transform your company

Cognizant’s Dutch headquarters is at our Digital Studio, located in the Kauwgomballenfabriek (a former chewing gumball factory) in Amsterdam. In this state-of-the-art space, we ideate, prototype, and our multidisciplinary team of specialists rapidly implement and deliver at scale. It’s the perfect setting to stimulate innovation and develop human-centered solutions.

Tomorrow’s winning companies are the ones that successfully transformed into ‘being digital’ today.

Corwin van Heteren
Head of the Digital Studio, Cognizant

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Being digital means being more human

Future winners in the digital economy will be those who put technology in the background and focus on people first.

Action & insight


Cognizant digital accelerator methodology

Can digital innovation fundamentally shift the way you work for the better? See how, you can rapidly move ideas to viability with the Cognizant Digital Accelerator Methodology.

Action & insight

Digital transformation in practice

Applying Human-Centered design

By combining digital strategy, human-centered design, and technology, a safe and personal digital ecosystem is created for NN Investment Partner

MVP in a day workshop

Together with Centraal Beheer we created exciting new ideas during a MVP in a Day Workshop in the Digital Studio

Delivering digital transformation for Football

Learn how the Football Association are anticipating new ways to engage by transforming their digital backbone and creating experiences for all participants in football

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