Mastering the digital advantage

The pace of change across the retail landscape is accelerating like never before. And it shows no signs of slowing down.

According to recent Cognizant research, retailers with exceptionally strong revenue growth already derive a higher percentage of their sales from digital channels. The race to digital transformation is on, and there is no time for delay.

Data provides insights that influences customer lifetime value and maximizes business outcomes

Prakash Ayer
Senior Director Retail and Consumer Goods, Netherlands, Cognizant


Maximize business outcomes with data and its applications

The RCG sector is moving from competing on products to competing on customers. As the industry shifts, how can data help organizations maximize their business outcomes?

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Creating superior customer experiences by leveraging AI & data

Learn how to reinvent decision-making processes to excite customers and grow revenue by intelligently combining AI technology and human science.

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The click: a human touch to retail

Consumers have knowledge, high expectations and access from anywhere. This dynamic is changing retail. Get in touch with the human side of retail in the age of the consumer.

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