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Cognizant's nXg Device Analytics solution can help predict device failures, reduce service disruptions and increase customer satisfaction.

Most digital information today is captured with the aid of devices, hence device downtimes can have adverse impact on operations and thereby profits. Where devices are installed at the customer site, it is imperative that the service is not disrupted by device failure. nXg uses advanced analytics to accurately predict device failures and generate a holistic picture of device health and to improve overall business performance and customer satisfaction.


Reduce total cost of operations (TCO)

Reduce unplanned downtimes, avert risks and reduce unwarranted costs, thereby reducing need for back-up devices, customer care calls and truck rolls related to device failures.

Improve customer experience

Uninterrupted service and superior device performance can vastly enhance the customer perception.


Optimize devices

Identifying recurring device failures and causes can assist in problem solving and upgrading device to avoid future setbacks.

Rationalize device inventory

Monitoring devices’ health and performance can help predict callbacks, anticipate replacements and thus assists in maintaining optimal inventory.


nXg Device Analytics—Predict, Reduce and Optimize

nXg is a product built on Cognizant’s proven BigDecisions™ Business Solutions Platform. It addresses device failure prediction, helps accelerate performance efficiency and generates a holistic picture of device health and performance.

Cognizant’s nXg Device Analytics Solution | Cognizant Technology Solutions