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Financial institutions today are struggling to identify and pro-actively manage model risk.

Cognizant ModelEye helps enterprises manage and mitigate model risk.


Cognizant ModelEye is designed as a complete end-to-end model risk management platform for all your model governance needs. With an integrated approach to model inventory and governance workflows, documentation management, automated performance monitoring, reporting and collaboration, ModelEye supports a proactive approach for financial institutions to ensure model reliability.

Learn more about ModelEye and tour solution platform.


Model Inventory

Maintains enterprise-wide inventory of all models, to help evaluate model risk in aggregate.

Configurable Model Governance Workflows

Ensures compliance to model governance policies for model approvals and also has intelligent routers to route validation tasks to appropriate validators.

Automated Model Performance Monitoring

Reduces effort of manually calculating, reporting and archiving the model monitoring process.

Model Documentation Management

Maintains all model‑related documents in a built‑in document repository with other key information in the model inventory.

Model Risk Reporting & Dashboarding

Manages reporting of organization‑wide model health and model validation processes.

Alerts, Reminders & Notifications

A complete built-in early warning system to alert you on approaching model risks.

Model Issues & Action Plan Management

Manages model issues and tracks actions to closure and through multiple stakeholders.

Tracking Model Inter-linkages

Tracks all sub-models whose output feeds into other models.

Model Data Lineage Tracking

Tracks models back to the original data source.

Audit Trail

Maintains complete traceability through the model life-cycle to showcase “developmental evidence” and “effective challenge”.

Qualitative Review of Models

Enables qualitative review of models.

Cross Team Collaboration & Knowledge Management

Ensures archival and dissemination of organizational knowledge through a host of collaboration features.

Agnostic to Model Building & Execution Platforms

ModelEye does not tie you down to what platforms you use to build and execute models.

User Access Privilege Management

Maintains granular access control to the model inventory.

Easy Integration with Enterprise Systems

Integrates easily with enterprise systems like single sign‑on, document repository and mail servers.


ModelEye Solution Overview

Learn about Cognizant ModelEye—developed to meet the industry’s needs—for a robust model governance platform.

Cognizant Model Risk Governance Solution Video

Comprehensive oversight and governance provides you the best opportunity to achieve the highest levels of success with regulatory supervision. With Cognizant ModelEye, protect your bank’s reputation and shareholder value with better insight into existing models.

ModelEye Training

Learn about Cognizant’s robust training to ensure success once ModelEye is successfully installed.

ModelEye Technology Requirements

Learn how Cognizant ModelEye consultants will work with client technology teams to identify the right configurations that suit ModelEye installation.

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