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Bring new products to market faster at dramatically low prices per policy with automated operations.


Cognizant’s LifeAdmin Core™ provides the scale and flexibility to support closed blocks, existing and new business to help carriers achieve their strategic business objectives by focusing on core business. The solution leverages a best-in-class platform and domain-led expansive business process services in a virtually managed as a service model to help you achieve your strategic business objectives by focusing on your core business.

The business advantages include:

  • Providing business agility and simplifying business operations through a modern and configurable technology platform
  • Reducing overhead with operational process optimization through industry-standard best practices
  • Reducing time to market for new products or features by up to three times over traditional platforms
  • Improving customer interactions and brand value via a broad set of integrated digital assets
  • Reduced capital expenditure with virtually managed, pay-as-you-go delivery model
  • Reducing total cost of ownership through single integrated pricing and a variable cost model
  • Enabling your organization to focus on business issues and less on technology



Legacy systems represent a major source of costs for infrastructure, operations and maintenance. Hardware leases, operating system software licenses and staff take up the majority of the IT budget. Cognizant can manage all the hardware and software, while paying only for what you used. 


The Cognizant LifeAdmin Core is a rules-based PAS that provides full record keeping and support for all policy lifecycle transactions. The rules-driven engine enables system flexibility in achieving faster time to market, ease of maintenance and upgrades and ease of integration. The service-oriented architecture provides enhanced capabilities for real-time processing and integrated business process management to help increase automation. The solution lets you provide real-time policy servicing for customers and sales channels throughout the policy lifecycle, increasing retention and loyalty.  


Current market dynamics demand life insurance and annuity carriers introduce new products in the market more frequently than ever before. The situation also requires carriers to rapidly adapt to changing regulatory requirements. Insurance platform for life and annuity allows easy configuration of the regulatory requirements using a modern, highly flexible PAS.  


Our life and annuity operations help you gain the competitive edge you need. We manage process capabilities so you can focus on revenue generating activities such as product development, sales and distribution. We manage the full range of business processes, from new business underwriting, policy administration and claims and billing for simple and complex financial products. Not only do we reduce costs and modernize processes, we help align your business and operating models with process optimization. We are a fully licensed, third-party administrator in the United States, where required.


Cognizant LifeAdmin Core will support your business growth in a number of ways. The primary focus is to give you reduced total cost of ownership, a reduction in IT infrastructure costs and standardized, efficient and optimized processes. Transferring end-to-end business processing services frees up time for your internal resources to focus on growth. Use of predictive analytics also enables you to transform your business in the areas of churn prediction, segmentation of customers/agents, profitability improvement and actuarial valuation. 


Continuing to rely on legacy infrastructure can increase the risk of failure, performance degradation and end of support, not to mention missing out on the flexibility to deliver new products and services. This modern technology solution will free you from the traditional challenges inherent in maintaining legacy systems. Value is further enhanced with our proprietary implementation of application programming interfaces to third-party software, services and business process services such as mail intake, document scanning and indexing, call center support and print and mail distribution.


Cognizant LifeAdmin Core is designed to provide multiple commercial options to convert fixed costs into a variable cost basis, such as payment on per-policy basis with service-level agreements based on outcomes. By leveraging an end-to-end business processing solution, you can reduce the total cost of ownership while changing to a predictive pricing model with no compromise on quality. This provides a 360-degree view of customers, the ability to track service delivery across all interactions, the capacity to understand the lifetime value of key business segments, the tools to refine the product and related pricing of those segments and other key distribution, underwriting and claims analytics. 


Cognizant LifeAdmin Core leverages Cognizant’s policy conversion framework enriched with experience from past conversions that helps minimize the risk of conversion, optimize the cost of conversion and achieve completion within an optimal timeframe.

The platform gives you a foundation to increase operational efficiency through automated workflows, improved customer service with implementation of digital assets. Modern technology provides system flexibility in achieving faster time to market, ease of maintenance and upgrades and ease of integration. Cognizant offers next generation third-party administration capabilities in a cloud-based infrastructure integrated with business operations. Cognizant LifeAdmin Core provides greater agility and enhanced capabilities while streamlining processes.


Cognizant LifeAdmin Core™ Overview

Learn how Cognizant LifeAdmin Core can transform your life and annuities business to reduce expenses and promote business growth.

Life and Annuity Insurance Transformation through End-to-End Business

Learn how Cognizant and Oracle are partnering to deliver an end-to-end processing solution with best-in-class service for our global Life and Annuity insurers. Oracle Insurance Policy Administration, coupled with Cognizant LifeAdmin Core, can provide the scale and flexibility to support the new business of the insurers while keeping costs down.

Rethinking Life Insurance Operations

Consistent, optimized operations offer powerful business benefits for carriers, from improved customer satisfaction to additional reinvestment dollars for innovation.  The transition to modern, cloud-based applications—for new business and underwriting as well as policy administration functions—is a money-saver. It effectively puts an end to the IT budget bloat of legacy systems and opens the door to additional savings through streamlined business processes. Increasing numbers of insurers are moving their closed-book operations to service models.

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