Blending human & technical skills

Among the core challenges we face are the implications of all of these trends on our current and future workforce. We spend a lot of our time at KeyBank defining priority skills and capabilities, and developing in-house training to prepare the type of teammate we need to be competitive going forward. Just as our customer preferences have shifted from traditional branches to mobile phones, our workforce requirements are materially different than they were even at the start of 2020.

Understanding the skills we need to compete, and recruiting, developing, retraining and retaining that talent is a critical challenge — one shared across our industry. And the skills needed are both technical and nontechnical. The ability to communicate effectively, think critically and negotiate well are just as important as technical requirements.

Taking a step back, the banking industry faces near-term challenges, as macroeconomic headwinds abound. But we believe the steps we have taken both over the past decade and the past few months — Key’s successful response to the Paycheck Protection Program, the resiliency of our internal infrastructure and resiliency in our client-facing applications — set us apart as a technology company ready to take on the financial challenges of the post-COVID-19 world.

Amy G. Brady is Key’s CIO. See full bio..