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Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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Interactive Exposure Map™

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Market geography is critical to insurers. Leverage the power of GIS and maps to make better business decisions.


Cognizant's Interactive Exposure Map (IEM) solution combines business intelligence with geographical information systems (GIS) to help insurance companies analyze market geographies and make better decisions.


Thanks to an intuitive user interface integrated with Google Maps, property and casualty (P&C) carriers can visualize future scenarios, analyze demographics, overlay weather information and more.



Builds on the Strength of Google Maps

Location is integral to every insurance transaction. Recognizing this, Cognizant IEM creates a rich visual canvas where Google's geospatial and social media data are combined with weather, census, geopolitical information and more.

Backed by a strong alliance with Google, Cognizant IEM is built on the industry-leading Google Maps platform and is integrated with Google APIs. This enables precise geocoding, street views, satellite imagery, elevation profiles, styled maps, analytics and an extensive location database to all become possible. In addition, Cognizant’s pre-built modules are customized to each carrier's team specific requirements to address key challenges.

Better Analyze Natural Catastrophes

The aftermath of a natural catastrophe typically brings severe economic losses and challenges. Cognizant’s IEM solution integrates weather-related data to allow claims servicing teams to predict catastrophic (CAT) events before they happen, identify potential claimants, drive notifications and implement risk control measures.

Focus More on Underwriting Performance

Carriers today are focused on ensuring superior underwriting performance based on insight and precision. Cognizant’s IEM provides underwriting teams with the critical tools and spatial capabilities they need to differentiate good risks from bad. It also helps carriers to price policies more accurately.

Know Where Your Customers Are

In today's competitive markets, knowing precisely "where customers are" and the most effective channels to reach them can mean the difference between success and failure. Cognizant IEM helps carriers analyze insurance producers by area, identify undeserved areas and drive alignment of agent investments based on customer and market segmentation and competitive positioning.


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