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Business information is a crowded field, and subscribers are demanding. We help you find new ways to stand out.

More than ever, information needs to be delivered at the right time, at the right place and in the right format. That’s particularly true in the legal, financial services and scientific/medical communities, where regulations and economic pressures complicate aggregation and delivery.

Our Business Information Services group has extensive expertise in helping providers find new ways to organize, package and distribute services. It's no wonder why four of the top 10 information services companies rely on us for IT services and support.


Data Collection, Processing and Reporting

Our solutions include:

  • Data Management: Includes data collection, cleansing, reporting tools and automation
  • Data Mining: Includes cross tabs, data pulls, Excel/PowerPoint charts
  • Analytics Support: Includes quantitative and qualitative research, forecasting, segmentation and targeting, concept test, dashboards and delivery tools, online survey programming and data warehousing/business intelligence

Credit and Financial Information

We help providers deal with the drastic changes that have occurred in this area. Our solutions include:

  • Compliance: Ensure that you reach your audience with information that is precise, meaningful and fully compliant
  • Competition: Ensure that content aggregators and search providers don’t erode your market share. Our strategy and implementation solutions support you with the right subscription models for your customers, including content monetization strategies
  • Scaling on Demand: Deliver cloud computing that enables you to grow and scale as needed without new capital commitments through our partnerships with other software and services leaders
  • Emerging Markets: Tackle new markets with specific Credit and Financial Information needs using our proven global delivery model and advisory services
  • Go Mobile: Be sure your information can be easily consumed by customers using any device
  • Digital Asset Management: Use our digital asset management solution to track your data throughout its lifecycle while maintaining full transparency

Legal and Regulatory Information

The legal information industry faces core structural challenges, including reduced billing rates and intense competition. Our team of domain and technical experts can help you address many industry challenges with the following services:

  • IT System Transformation: Build and manage your IT systems to be flexible and react quickly to the dynamic business landscape using the latest cloud, mobile, analytics and social technologies
  • Global Markets: Rely on us to securely handle data transfer across multiple geographies and make that data available seamlessly to consumers on multiple devices
  • Domain Partnerships: Our business consulting arm, which includes lawyers and legal practitioners, can provide vital third-party opinions on business information matters

Scientific, Technical & Medical Information

Global economic change has altered the forces that drive competitive advantage in the scientific, technical and medical information industry. We’ll help you navigate the new world of information with these services:

  • New Markets and Segments: Emerging economies provide further opportunities for growth. With our global delivery and domain expertise we can scale up to provide services in line with your expansion plans
  • Open Access: We can help chart an optimal approach to open access—and help you decide what and how much of your content can or should be so defined
  • Mobile and Cloud Computing: We understand the infrastructure challenges posed by aggressive growth plans and can recommend scalable and affordable solutions to work with any budget


The Future of Legal Search

Large law firms have built their own knowledge management databases and have huge volumes of work products available. Finding contextually sensitive and relevant results is possible with the right search technology.

Innovation Imperatives for Financial Services

The innovation agenda for financial services firms should be to enhance transparency, focus on competencies and ensure compliance.

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