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We fuel enterprise oil & gas operational excellence.

The seamless integration of corporate and field systems is the first step to improving performance in safety, reliability, productivity, sustainability, efficiency, and cost containment.

Through our frameworks, consulting, and technology expertise, we help industry leaders improve processes, decision-making, data modeling, automation, integration, and reporting. Ultimately, we create a seamless operation that reduces carbon and costs while improving your competitive position.

Pragmatic, impactful oil & gas solutions

We work with you to create a resilient portfolio and operating model that identifies more efficient, automated, sustainable, and secure ways of working.

  • Competitive excellence

    Whether you’re aiming to shore up processes, improve decision-making, or increase efficiency, Cognizant’s solutions ensure you’ll be able to assess, react, and predict faster than the competition.

  • Carbon reduction

    Carbon capture and carbon footprint are at the forefront of modern oil & gas strategies. Right now, organizations are racing to implement strategies to meet increasing regulatory demand. We help organizations use technology to meet their carbon reduction goals.

  • Cost containment and sustainability

    Cost containment is vital to the oil & gas industry’s goal of sustainability. We help stabilize businesses today while building the foundation for a competitive future.

A different approach to oil & gas operational excellence

Our customers benefit from our approach that blends process transformation, enabling best use of technology optimization, a human-centric approach for alignment, and insights and predictions derived from external data, internal planning systems, and advanced data analytics.

Our proprietary NorthSTAR methodology identifies the areas that will bring the most value for your investment, whatever stage of digital maturity you are at.

Our frameworks have been deployed in leading oil & gas companies across the globe. We have the industry and technology expertise to accelerate your transformation journey, setting us apart from traditional system integrators.

Our end-to-end capabilities and portfolio of products and services are supported by a best-in-class partner ecosystem to drive your business forward at scale.

Customer spotlight: The right data at the right time

The challenge

TGS is a $585 million global company that is the world’s largest sub-surface data provider to oil and gas companies. TGS needed a better way to help its clients access the 2-D and 3-D seismic data that enables them to make accurate decisions on where to drill—both onshore and offshore.

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Cognizant’s BigDecisions®

Before creation of the TGS data lake, customers had no direct visibility into sub-surface, geological or meta data, and it took too long to deliver insights. The TGS team selected the Cognizant BigDecisions data analytics platform to power its data-as-a-service (DaaS) data and insights offering.  

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The results

Through this engagement, TGS experienced a 95% savings in time spent pinpointing optimal locations to drill. For their customers, they can now provide personalized geospatial mapping data in five hours instead of five days.

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Achieve enterprise-wide value through operational excellence.