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Unlock the ability to act with intuition

Get the services your business needs to make a mindset shift across experience, process and technology—allowing you to adapt instantaneously even amid disruption.

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Embrace ‘Cloud Smart’ for digital success

Rethink your cloud strategy. Learn how organizations can take advantage of technology developments to extract the full value of the cloud by taking a “cloud-smart approach”. 

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New work, new world

Gen AI: A $1 trillion story
Explore the new world of work with generative AI by Cognizant! 

Learn how gen AI can potentially disrupt jobs while enhancing, augmenting and automating tasks. Unleashing gen AI’s full potential. 

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API modernization: A novel approach pays dividends

Migrating from integration-platform-as-a-service environments to AWS public cloud can enable greater flexibility, faster time-to-market, better user experience and lower cost.

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India Leadership Team

Achal Kataria

Vice President and Country Head, India Head of Large Deals, APJ Executive Leadership

Sharad Tandon

Assistant Vice President and Head of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, India

Sarosh Kumar

Assistant Vice President and Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, India

Priyaranjan Kumar

Senior Director and Head of Products & Resources, India

Satish Rao

Senior Director and Head of Communications, Media and Technology, India and APJ

About Cognizant

Engineering modern business to improve everyday lives
Let us help you discover new ways of operating so you can anticipate and act, as if on intuition. 

The biggest brands people rely on every day—rely on our people every day


Employees worldwide


Total revenue


Fortune Modern Board 25


Employees worldwide


Total revenue


Fortune Modern Board 25

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built relationships with market-leading companies around the world. 

29 of the top 30 global pharma companies

9 of the top 10 European banks

9 of the top 10 media companies

23 of the top 25 healthcare plans

Move beyond just running your business by turning it into one that sees the next best action, and then acts as if on intuition—in the moments that matter.

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