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Anticipate and adapt rapidly to market changes

Maintaining your competitive edge can be challenging when customers expect around-the-clock services. A rapidly transforming industry and shifting regulatory landscape add to the complexity. With tailored transformation strategies, we help you streamline inefficient processes, to strengthen customer loyalty, drive long-term relationships and increase profitability.

Reinvent decision-making with data & AI

Derive business value from your data investments

Identify the primary use cases that can help you achieve the true value of real-time data and gain long-term business benefits.

Tap the full potential of AI

A modern data architecture lays the foundation for deep AI learning – to drive competitive business outcomes.

Everest Group PEAK Matrix for AI 2022

Everest Group recognizes Cognizant as a leader in AI services in it’s PEAK Matrix report.

Data—the key element in better decisioning 

Realize the true potential of data. Activate at scale to transform insights into tangible action that is critical to competitiveness.


Cards & Payments Outlook 2023

The cards and payments market is fast developing, driven by innovation and new technology, and payment models. They’ve the potential to reshape the industry by being more environment-friendly and sustainable.

Action & insight


Capital Markets Outlook 2023

AI, analytics and automation help markets accelerate digitization and innovation, and drive the sustainability agenda.

Action & insight

Financial services ESG

Choose an effective data management strategy—to improve disclosures and mitigate ESG-related threats.


Industry experience matters

We know your top-of-mind issues. And we know how to help.


Large US bank holding company reduces fraud

With real-time account validation process and increases customer transaction controls.


Global bank saves US$20M annually in fraud losses

With advanced AI/ML solution to detect check fraud.

Take the first step

Discover how Cognizant can help you win with the power of intuition.