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Your customers and prospects are talking about you. Are you listening? Today's visionary enterprises are capturing insight from engagement to fuel innovation.


Going social is a prime medium for organizations looking to digitally connect with their customers. Cognizant’s integrated Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tool (iSMART) leverages big data and analytics to bring insights to the management of their digital avatars and campaigns. iSMART can help organizations measure ROI of marketing campaigns, brand effectiveness and product sentiment.


Comprehensive feed analysis with business intelligence & analytics solution

iSMART integrates with the organization’s Enterprise Data Warehouse thus enabling a closed loop business intelligence. The solution comes with pre-defined dashboards, report templates, data models, scripts and sentiment analysis algorithms, ensuring quick implementation cycles with customers.

Customizable to industry demands

The solution is available as Software-as-a-Service or as a product to suit different customer needs. For example, iSMART can be tailored for pharmaceutical industry by using custom crawlers for FDA and clinical trial sites.

Flexible to data and architecture requirements

iSMART is capable of analyzing data from other channels including e-mails, text files, PDFs and excel files. The architecture also allows customers to choose the components they want coupled to their Enterprise Data Warehouse.




Social media analytics helps organizations create a favorable perception toward their brand and increase awareness of their products or services among the targeted customers. Cognizant's iSMART meets all social media needs across organizations and is customizable and provides real-time insight into the organization’s social media effectiveness.

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