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Discover The Future of Work

A Tough Love Letter On Taming The Machines That Rule Our Jobs, Lives, and Future

Technology has never been more important. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, it is key to how we create vaccines and cures, to how we communicate and work, and how we entertain and distract ourselves.

But with this importance, come new challenges. Every day we can see more clearly the downsides of technology – it’s role in creating echo chambers that weaken our ability to govern ourselves, in leading our children away from IRL towards virtual worlds full of bad behavior, in undermining many people’s foundational belief in truth and rationality.

We need, as parents, as leaders of organizations and institutions, as citizens, as people of good will, to step up to figure out how to harness the power of technology for good, and limit its power to do us harm - to tame it before it eats us alive.

This book explains how we do that.


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